The Golden Ticket + Freedom Factory = Suck it up


Have you ever watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?  Stop what you are doing and go find it!  I will wait.

**twiddles thumbs**

Here is a rundown:

Charlie is ready to pass on the business to someone and he is looking 5 special children

He sends out the GOLDEN TICKET (Opportunity)

You are lucky to come across this golden ticket – in the movie, everyone wanted the ticket.


TICKET represents FREEDOM…business is about exposure.

Remember in the movie, Charlie is looking for the golden ticket and his family tells him that his chances of getting the winning ticket is next to nothing – it is so far away…you cannot get to it.

Yep. His family said that. **Sound Familiar?**

So let’s view the children:

The Children

  1. Overweight Child – he loved chocolate – his biggest issue to make it out of the factory was greed – some people suffer from this characteristic of greed – people who want it RIGHT NOW…and when things do not work out your way, you get discouraged – Check out the Gloria Mayfield Banks story!
  2. Very Competitive Child– She kicked some butt, won some trophies, and no one could tell her she was going to lose – she was so competitive (which is a great characteristic, but her flaw was doing things her way) – in this business, when you do what you want to do, you get stuck and kicked out of the Freedom Factory – follow your mentors, listen to them – do you know what freedom smells like, feels like, looks like?  Will you make it to the freedom factory?
  3. Spoiled Rich Girl – Did not want for anything, but wanted EVERYTHING – did not want to do the work and decided to quit at the first sign of “failure” – THIS IS YOUR BUSINESS – When you stand up, your income goes up – If you are waiting on someone to do it for you, you will be here FOREVER going nowhere – no one owes you anything – you have to learn to fend for yourself or you will not survive.
  4. The Figured Out Everything Child– He cracked the code by determining where the Golden Ticket was going to be – You have people who have read book after book, and still cannot get any business – yet they have it figured it out….and their attitude is not humble – If a person is not humble, it will be very hard for them to make it to the top – They must eat a piece of humble pie….THEY have not figured it out because if they had, they would be at the top already, right? Right.
  5. CHARLIE – What made him special? – He had inner strength and the ability to outlast the other children – as you are going through the journey, people quit before they make it – they get weary – too many no’s killss their enthusiasm – no support – makes you want to QUIT – or the negative family members you just KNEW would help DO NOT – or maybe the fun & partying with your friends – You are asking for the FREEDOM of choice – You will not get FREEDOM free, you must make sacrifices – you must outlast EVERYONE!!!


What does freedom look like? What does freedom feel like?

That feeling should incline you to STOP watching TV, turn that radio off, and get you what you really want out of the FREEDOM FACTORY.

You are too afraid to go talk to people, You are too afraid of getting rejected – instead of doing it, you HIDE and RUN AWAY from it – Stop running and go get your FREEDOM FACTORY!

There are things that are holding you back, there are characteristics that will harm you, will not allow you to be the best you can be – the best part is that these bad characteristics can be changed…SO CHANGE THEM!!!

There is only a certain type of person that will dedicate, stay for the long haul and will make sure they are the best of the best!!!

From my fingertips to your eyes


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    I love how you relate the characters of the kids in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to business and freedom. Indeed for reaching our goals we must make few sacrifices. Thanks for sharing this.

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    It’s been years since I’ve seen the movie! You make excellent points and it’s awesome how you paralleled them with business. Thanks for sharing.

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    Great points and I love your use of Willie Wonka! Inspired! Thanks for the post. I just thought of this movie the other day – my husband does a “today in music” blog and it was the anniversary of Sammy Davis Jr’s Candy Man hitting the charts and he sang it for his blog! LOL Synchronicity! Now for a piece of chocolate. :)


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