25 Sassy Ways to Say No

I am avid believer in using the word NO.

Mom, can I have this? NO

Mom, can I go to this party? NO

Sang, can I borrow your pink heels? HELL NO

Can you work for free? Ummm NO.

Can I borrow some money? NO.

The word “no” is powerful enough to break the shackles of time.

I know how to say it and I say it well.

I have compiled a list of quirky and sassy ways to say no to that “thing” you don’t really want to do.

  1. Rain check please
  2. I am going out of town
  3. I can not do that
  4. Let me check my calendar
  5. My kids have activities
  6. I am not feeling well
  7. I need to check with my husband/boyfriend
  8. I don’t think I would be good at that
  9. I have too much laundry to do
  10. I have a hair appointment and she books 3 weeks out
  11. Thanks, but I am trying to quit
  12. My weekends are booked until 2015
  13. Oh, I can’t that is LOVE day
  14. HELL NO
  15. No thanks, I go to Starbucks every week at that time and they will send out a search party if I don’t show up
  16. Yeah, I am not really sure about that right now
  17. I appreciate the thought but I’m afraid that it’s just not right for me
  18. To be honest, I do not want to
  19. I only work with excel sheets
  20. I have a date
  21. I am volunteering for the PTSA
  22. I’d rather not
  23. I don’t do that on (Insert that day)
  24. No thanks, I am driving
  25. That is not a good color on me

It is OK to say NO.

So many epic leaders, dating back to Shakespeare, are known for saying NO. Once you allow yourself to say NO, you will open up your schedule and opportunities to do more things you love. Steve Jobs practiced “saying NO to 1,000 things”.

Practice saying “no” at least 10 times this week and feel that heavy brick you lifted off your chest.

Share: What is the most difficult thing you’ve ever had to say no to?

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