Skip these crappy tips

Go ahead, do what the title says, you do it already!If you could look at yourself 5 years ago, what would you tell yourself? I bet you wouldn’t tell yourself what you are telling yourself right now. Nope. Not. At. All.Have a mindset of abundance – get those resource tools to better yourself.  It takes money to make money and YOU must invest yourself.  PUSH yourself to the next level.  If it was free, we would all have PHD’s – knowledge costs!

10 tips on how to become a Better YOU

  1. Positive Mental Attitude(PMA) at All Times. If you think you cannot become an successful, then you are right.  If you think you CAN be a success, You are right. YOU choose the life you live.
  2. Reality check.  Where are you right now?  Look at yourself and your business.  Stop trying avoiding the obvious and starting over. Be honest with yourself.
  3. Get Committed. Commitment means you are going to do something even when you do not feel like doing it. DO IT ANYWAY!!!
  4. Find a mentor.  Success leaves clues; you do not have to figure it out on your own.  Understand that in business, people are willing to help you…you have to reach out and leaders work where people deserve the work.
  5. Stop Self-Sabotaging. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT IS IN THE WAY! A lot of people are afraid of success and most do not even realize it exists.  You have to stop getting in your own way!
  6. Let go of past failures.  SO WHAT if you failed before….your past does not equal your present. New place. New season.
  7. Become a magnet.  A magnet of success.  Be that person that walks into the room who have magnetism to others. People are going to be drawn to you. Become the leader that you want to attract to your business.
  8. Face your fears. STOP being afraid to present. STOP being afraid to get on the phone.  FEARS are not real!  False Evidence Appearing Real.  Face it, Feel it, Go through it. Stand up and get it done!
  9. Do not quit!  Even if this takes you 10 years…DO NOT QUIT! If you quit, you quit yourself.  If you can look your kids in the face….and tell them you are a quitter – you have issues!
  10. Dream Big. Dream impossible dreams. Whatever you see on TV, in magazines – you can have it. Dream it and you can get it.
Here is your homework.  Write yourself a letter, love note, checklist…something! I want you to tell yourself how you feel today. BE HONEST. If you feel like *&^$, then you feel like )*#^. Keep it real. Tell yourself what you want.  Tell yourself where you are going to be when you open this letter.Then I want you to put in an envelope. Decorate it. Put today’s date on it.  Open it in six months, a year…whatever date you decide!When you decided to open it, re-evaluate where you are in life and in business! Are you still implementing those 10 crappy steps?  Are you any closer to being successful, in your eyes, than you were when you wrote your letter to yourself?Now let’s get out there and make something sparkle with your awesomeness!From my fingertips to your eyes


  1. Sherie says

    Sang, love your idea of writing a letter of where you are now and putting it in an envelope to open at a future date. Those 10 tips will make all the difference in the world when it comes to comparing then and now! Great article!

  2. suzanne jones says

    I like the idea of getting real with yourself otherwise 10 years will go by and we will still be doing the same thing getting the same results.
    Great post, thanks!


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