5 Months of Emotions – I Hate Emotions

Here we are on Month 5.  I was forced to take on a journey that I had been eyeballing for quite some time, so technically I was not forced, but more-so forced to do something before I was ready!

REALITY CHECK – You are never ever ever ever really ready! You just do it or you don’t! My situation, of course, was a DO or DIE one!  So for the last 5 months of true, on your own, not holds barred, entrepreneurship journey, there have been emotions!  BOY, have there been emotions and I will be honest, I flippin hate emotions!

Now, before you go off the deep end….I just think emotions get in the way of thinking is all!

So for the last 5 months, my emotions have gone a little something like this:

Pissed:   This is just what happens! It happens and then you get over it!

Irritated:  What do you mean you do not like my idea, my idea is GRRRRREEAT!?!?

Elated: When I received the call that the house was SOLD!

Excited:  YES!!!!! I have a new client and we are about to knock someone’s socks off!

Nervous: Shit! I have a new client.  What do I do next?

Overwhelmed:  This has to be done. That has to be done. Do the laundry. Cook dinner. Repeat.


Tired:   Spending endless hours writing, writing, networking, strategizing and the other endless things that must be done!

WTF…WHAT  ELSE?:   Where to begin? Given 7 days to pack up a 4 bedroom house to move into a 2-bedroom apt.  Oh and then the car accident that left my car totaled!   The list goes on and on…do or die!

Confident: Woke up one morning with my granola bar in hand ready to take on whatever hit me!

Terrified: Two words – CAR ACCIDENT!

Happy Dance: I did it! I am awesome! I am fabulous! I created killer content!

Mellow: Where the hell is the sun? I need the sun! Instead there are clouds with rain! FINE – I will make my own sun..I think!

Sickly: That day when I deathly ill! Yep that one!

There are more emotions I am sure, some I may have not come across yet and some that I am not ready to talk about yet!  Just keep in mind, at the end of the day, YOU control you and your emotions!

Take a walk!

Have a glass of wine!

Talk to an old friend!

Call a mentor!

Write in a journal!

LET IT OUT and MOVE ON!  You are depending on YOU!

Now stop whining and get up and do something!

From my fingertips to your eyes


  1. says

    Not to worry!! If you begin to understand that your emotions are your signposts… telling you you are on the off path instead of the on… you will come to love them as indicators to make a slight shift in thinking (mostly about yourself!!!) or a slight shift in what your next step is! love your emotions girl!!

  2. says

    You just took me on a roller coaster ride with you!! It’s amazing we can ever get anything done at all! Life is a big busy colorful place….easy to get distracted and off the path…thanks for the blog. :)

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